Monarch Learning Academy offers a well-balanced educational experience that addresses the whole child, instilling in each child a sense that learning is exciting and that he or she has the ability to achieve academic and personal success. An integrated curriculum encourages each child to become an independent learner, to develop thinking skills and to enjoy learning. 


The Preschool curriculum stresses social and emotional development within a larger context of cognitive, language, creative, spiritual and physical development. At Monarch Learning Academy we believe that laying a foundation for future learning is best accomplished by teaching children through their play. Play is defined as: constructing, designing, building, adding, balancing, selecting, discussing, observing, listening, questioning, experiencing, experimenting and participating. 


The Elementary School incorporates and carries out the school’s Mission: stimulate creative thinking, motivate academic excellence and instill a lifelong desire to learn. Monarch ensures collaboration among teachers to ensure that progress at each grade level builds on the progress of the preceding grade levels. Our program offers many opportunities for students to become engaged based on their special interests, and utilizes multiple learning styles. It encourages enthusiasm and variety, a positive attitude toward school helping students to become eager and proud of their continuing progress.

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