The Arts

Experience in the creative process is essential for all students. In the arts, this process involves solving problems with the skill and imagination, discovering new questions and producing new ideas, objects, or interpretations of existing works. Learning in, about, and through the arts develops each student’s capacity to make meaning from experience, respond to creativity, and to contribute to society. 


Monarch Learning Academy believes that all students can discover that learning in, about, and through the arts is a demanding and creative process that can lead to a profound sense of understanding, joy, and accomplishment. We teach that in all cultures throughout history human beings have expressed insights about themselves and the world around them through dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Our teachers understand that experiences in “the practice of creating” enable learners to understand the arts and to express themselves in ways that do not depend solely on the written or spoken word. Consequently, we educate students to appreciate ideas and emotions conveyed in sound, image, movement, and works, and to speak the languages of the arts.

Guidelines for The Arts


  • The arts are essential to the education of all students. 
  • Students exercise and display multiple intelligences through the arts. 
  • Authentic assessment in the arts is designed to demonstrate what students know and can do: it provides a model of assessing all complex learning. 
  • Comprehensive and sequential arts programs encourage students to make multicultural and interdisciplinary connections. 
  • Creating and sustaining high quality arts programs require partnerships among all faculty and between the school and community.



Our music teacher, Natalie Graham, provides quality, hands on instruction for the students at Monarch Learning Academy. As we present developmentally appropriate musical experiences, the children are encouraged to learn, grow, discover, and create while simultaneously experiencing the joy of music. It is our goal to instill a love and appreciation for music that will continue to enrich their lives and nourish their souls from now into adulthood.

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