Monarch Learning Academy is proud to offer a unique approach to learning Spanish as part of the curriculum for grades K-7. The foundation of the Spanish program is to teach children a second language by reading beautifully illustrated children’s books. The younger children also sing songs, play games, and work with manipulatives in Spanish. As children progress through the Monarch Spanish curriculum, more advanced skills, such as reading in Spanish, are introduced. This integrative approach presents the children with opportunities to learn about other subjects, such as math, social studies, science, and literature while at the same time building their understanding of the Spanish language. It is an exciting approach that enhances confidence, self-esteem, and motivation in the children as foreign language students. 


The Monarch Spanish curriculum was created and taught by Michelle Rodriguez Raupach, Ph.D., and educator with over 20 years experience. “Profesora” Michelle is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, fluent in Spanish, and a mother of two children, who attend Monarch Learning Academy.

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