One year-old through Pre-Kindergarten 


The early childhood or preschool years are especially critical in establishing foundations for future growth and development. Monarch’s nurturing and experienced teachers provide a Christian environment that is safe, loving and consistent for young children. Children need a wide variety of opportunities and experiences to develop as whole persons. Our philosophy of education revolves around hands-on learning, through play, spontaneous discussions and activities. We balance these organic explorations with planned group and individual activities that introduce pre-academic skills in preparation for further studies. 


Young children construct knowledge based on their real life experiences; they learn by doing. Children increase their knowledge of the world through repeated interactions with people and materials. We provide children with a developmentally appropriate climate focusing on exploration, discovery and social interaction that vary with the differing needs and abilities of each age group. Our classrooms are designed to encourage children’s active exploration with other children, adults and their environment.


Our Preschool curriculum includes art, music, language development, literacy, science, early math skills, small and large motor activities, and dramatic play. Our children develop into well-rounded original thinkers, willing to take risks and able to give and accept constructive guidance. 


A typical daily routine includes a mix of direct instruction and opportunities for children to choose their own activities. Children will work individually, in small groups, and as part of a large group. Monarch Learning Academy’s curriculum framework is based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Approach and the Florida Department of Education’s Pre–Kindergarten’s Educations Standards. 

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