Technology is an important aid in our school as it is in our lives. The children use computers and technology as tools for experimentation, exploration, research and presentation. Along with books and classroom dialog, technology helps create the stimulating, relevant, and challenging learning environment that is Monarch Learning Academy. 


Technology supports and reinforces the academics taught in the classroom: word processors for writing and editing, desktop publishing for creating newsletters, Internet for research, and software that offers a new way to make certain aspects of Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Social Studies and Multiculturalism into a discovery-based learning project. 


Guidelines for Technology 

  • Indentify and evaluate technology tools that will support curriculum and instruction and promote higher level thinking and problem solving skills. 
  • Involve students in productive learning, such as projects that reach the world beyond the classroom and reinforce classroom work in an exciting way. 
  • To use technology as a tool that will help meet the needs of different learning styles and ability levels. 
  • To use technology to improve teaching and learning by collecting and analyzing data, interpreting the results and communicating the findings. 
  • To provide the professional development needed for the professional staff to keep pace with this constantly changing field. 
  • To provide guidance for our students in the ethical use of technology, and monitor our practices to be sure students and staff follow the approved guidelines.

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