Thank you for taking an interest in Monarch Learning Academy for your child’s educational experiences.


Monarch looks to set itself apart from the norm, so that students can excel in all areas (intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual), unique to their growth and development. Some of the components that Monarch looks to define its uniqueness are:


        • Creating an environment that is intimate, friendly and focused on community.


        • Fostering whole child learning through creative expression.


        • Resources that are available to the upper and middle school students are also available to our preschool, such as the school psychologist and enrichment opportunities.


        • Utilizing features of the Forest School concept with our preschool, adapting it to an urban setting to enhance and expand learning through nature.


        • Creating a unique format in the Middle School that encourages hands on projects and experiences, seminar-style teaching discussion and application, and engaging students in their acquisition of  information to create a personal experience that is essential to learning.


        • Teaching students to think critically as well as creatively how to express their thoughts with clarity and passion.



We look forward to exploring how a Monarch education will benefit your child and your family.


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